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Tourism is now the second largest industry in Malaysia, growing very fast and full of opportunities and potentials. However, in 2011, there were less than 5,000 active tourist guides available to help the 24.7 million tourists to Malaysia get the best out of the country.

Our Tourist Guide course aims to produce competent professionals who will make the country proud. A tourist guide provides assistance, information and cultural, historical and contemporary heritage interpretation to people on organized tours and individual clients at educational establishments, religious and historical sites, museums, and at venues of other significant interest.

Training programme is designed to give you the skills and knowledge necessary to maximum your career opportunities in the tourism industry, at the same time the expectations and requirements of the tourism industry. Most importantly, it enables students to get into employment quicker. The intricacies of tour guiding are also imparted to students through a practical overland training.


You may pursue careers such as:

  • Tour Manager
  • Resort Representative
  • Part Time Tour Guide
  • Administrative Assistant Tour Guide
  • Visitor Attraction General Manager
  • Tourist Information Center Manager

    Pass SPM/O-Level with minimum one (1) credit in any subject; OR Other Equivalent Qualification as approved by the Ministry of Education Malaysia


    Level 1:

    Definition of Tourist Visitor Excursionist / Day Visitor and Tourist Guide

    Roles of Tourist Guide

    Function of Tourist Guide

    Job Specification of Tourist Guide

    Ethics of Tourist Guides

    Characteristic of Professional Tourist Guides

    Appearance, Cleanliness and Attitude

    Type of Tour Guide

    Main Task

    Tourist Guide Main Task for Professionalism Tourist Guide

    Prepare of Material

    Level 2:

    Definition and Communication Process Model

    Basic and Principle of Communication

    Technique for an effectiveness communication

    Type of communication

    Barriers to effective communication

    Feedback / Response>

    Audio Visual System

    Public Relation


    Level 3:

    Characteristic of Tourist

    Type of Tourist

    Country Letter Code

    City Letter Code

    Airport Letter Code

    Airlines Letter Code>

    First Aid Objective and Characteristic

    First aid steps and Action need to be taken

    Emergency Treatment Technique skill

    Level 4:

    Malaysia Tourism Policy

    Introduction to Malaysian Legal System

    Islamic Law

    National Ecotourism Policy in Malaysia

    Definition and Element

    Maps, Latitude and Longitude

    Greenwich Mean Time

    Major Routes

    World Climates

    Latitude and Season

    Temperature, Sunshine, Wind, Precipitation and Air Quality

    Tourism and Transport Connection

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