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Edutech provide all kind of cyber security solutions based on clients demand including cyber security awareness training .

Cyber Security specifics

Demand for cyber security professionals is exceeding supply. Most industry analysts expect the cybersecurity job market to double in size by 2020. The increase in news coverage of cybersecurity incidents appears to support this claim.  

While many universities offer a range of information technology and computer science degrees, few actually cover the critical component of security. Of those that do include this element, most spend less than 5% covering the topic (although, there does now appear to be some recent change, with more universities beginning to offer more cybersecurity-specific education). When it comes to finding employment there are plenty of additional qualifications that give candidates the leading edge in getting the best positions.

Over the past 15-20 years, IT employers have been increasingly looking for certifications in addition to the usual secondary or tertiary qualifications

The required certifications have been both vendor-, and non-vendor-specific, but in the cybersecurity market it appears that non-vendor-specific certifications are more popular.

EduTech Training Center offer a comprehensive list of courses specially in Cyber Security and few other,All courses are approved by Malaysia Ministry of education and Human Resource Development Fund Malaysia.